3 things you can post to social media now and generate engagement By , May 27 2022

Stuck on where to start when it comes to posting on your social media pages? 79.9% of the eligible Australian population have active social media accounts, but with so many other users online, the algorithm constantly changing and often very little time to create content, it can be a struggle for many agents to post content that generates engagement.

Luckily, our iRealty Pro team of experts put their heads together and came up with 3 pieces of content you can post on social media right now with very little work on your part for maximum engagement!

But, before we give you the inside scoop, why should you care about your engagement levels on social media?

Comments, likes, shares, video views, and link clicks are all counted as engagement metrics through social media. As a real estate agent your goal on social media should be all about relationship and rapport building. Creating consistent, engaging content is the best way to do this. 

So, now that we’ve established why you should care about engagement, here’s how to generate it with little to no fuss.

Lifestyle Properties and Architecture

Australians are obsessed with property and often even when not in property mode are searching for luxury lifestyle listings to admire.

We’ve all done it!

By sharing particularly beautiful property photos, luxury features from some of your own listings, or even beautiful views you can take advantage of the huge number of users who are searching for luxury listings. 

Anything that evokes awe or admiration, particularly on platforms that prioritise imagery, is sure to generate more engagement with your post. 

A quick search of Instagram topics will show you huge numbers of posts using luxury property and architecture hashtags. 

  • #architecturedesign – 4.3m posts
  • #luxuryhomes – 14.9m posts
  • #luxuryrealestate – 9.5m posts
  • #luxuryliving – 7.7m posts
  • #luxurylifestyle – 40m posts

Investing in great photography in general will help you to achieve better engagement on your posts, but you can also share posts from architects and interior designers to enhance your feed. You could even take this as an opportunity to support a local interior design or construction business!

As you post more of these images to your page you can track the most popular ones and seek out similar features or styles for your next posts.

Local Highlights

Speaking of hashtags, Instagram posts tagged with a location have 79% more engagement than posts without a location tag. 

So, clearly, local information is highly valuable and engaging on social media.

When it comes to real estate marketing, it’s even more important to promote yourself locally. 

As an agent a key part of your brand should be your local knowledge, your understanding of local people and of the local market. When you consistently use highly localised content on your page, you build this knowledge into your brand identity. 

You can set up a Google alert for the suburbs in your farming area and post any good news stories or local events you come across. You can also promote local businesses you regularly visit to make your local highlights a little more personal.

Next time you’re at your local coffee shop take a photo of your meal and tag the business. Make recommendations on local businesses for particular holidays; shout out your local florist for Mother’s Day or great places to buy gifts for Christmas. 

Highlighting how your local market is performing is also a must. What properties have sold recently? Are there any new infrastructure projects and amenities likely to impact the property market?

Local highlights are posts that can be either fun or informative, so you can play around with different post types you feel fit your brand most. Whatever you choose to post, you’ll find users more likely to engage because your posts are more relevant to them.

Client Highlights

Highlighting great results for your buyers and sellers is a fantastic post option that can be used both to promote yourself and your successes, and to generate engagement and build rapport on your page.

Typically, authentic original imagery or user generated imagery increases user engagement on your social pages. People are more likely to respond to real people over cartoons, and natural photos over stock photos. Luckily, as an agent you spend all day with real people during some of the biggest moments of their lives! Take advantage of this for your social media content.

Take celebratory photos of happy buyers, or film your vendors placing the sold sticker on their ‘For Sale’ sign. This helps to put a human face to your success, rather than just the statistics or property photos many users are now too used to seeing. 

Even if you don’t have a recent result to celebrate with photography, you can easily take a selfie (with permission) at your next meeting with a vendor and post it to your page with a progress report on their property. Posting a caption like, “Fantastic meeting with (vendor name) after their first open home this weekend. We were both very excited to see 20 buyers through the property and receive 10 enquiries” turns this content from a fairly regular property update into a story about a person.

Crafting a story over simply stating results is perfect for those looking for more engagement across their social pages. People respond to interesting stories over straight facts. For instance, along with your photos of happy buyers receiving the keys to their new home share a story of this buyer’s property journey: “This young couple have been through 25 different properties searching for the perfect home to raise a family and immediately fell in love with this property’s huge backyard and open plan living.

You can also try tagging profiles in your posts, or asking your vendors and buyers to share your post about them to their personal pages. By doing this, you’ll receive more organic engagement from their friends and family members.

So, what are you waiting for? Try one of these post formats out for yourself today!

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