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What were the best real estate email subject lines of 2022? 

Our number crunchers have done it again this year. They’ve uncovered the top 100 email campaigns of the last 12 months and we’ve combed through them all to discover what they have in common. In this blog we uncover what the best of the best subject lines have in common and why you should care.

Plus, you’ll also want to download our guide to not only the best subject lines of 2022, but the most popular content, highest converting automation strategy and best call-to-actions. Grab out a pen and paper, or keep your notes app open because you’re going to want to copy these down!

Before we dive right in, let’s take a broader look at some of the data. We can well and truly say that this year we’re incredibly impressed with your results. You’ve killed it with your marketing in a much tougher market than we saw in 2021.

In the iRealty system we are seeing fantastic numbers: 

  • Over 78 million emails sent
  • 1099 appraisals requested
  • An open rate average above 37%

So, of those 78+ million emails sent which campaigns achieved the most outstanding open rates and what were the best real estate email subject lines?

Subject Lines

Subject lines are a key factor in delivering better open rates. Why should you care about open rates?

Well, firstly, to get a little bit technical here, they’re important for your marketing funnel. The more people you can get at the top of your funnel (i.e. opening your emails and aware of you), the more people you’ll get at the bottom of your funnel converting into an appraisal.

Secondly, open rates are a great way to track how your contacts feel about your email marketing. If you’re achieving excellent open rates though great subject lines, excellent timing and excellent audience targeting, but these rates start dropping – that’s a good sign your content might not be resonating with your contacts.

We uncovered that exclusivity was a key factor in the best email subject lines sent last year in iRealty and it continues to play a huge role in the most successful subject lines in 2022.

Along with promoting exclusivity we found the best email subject lines did one of the following things:

  • Enticed contacts with something unique
  • Promised insider knowledge
  • Focused on priority communication during relevant news/market events

Something Unique

Unusualness or uniqueness is a key angle that can make your marketing newsworthy. You can drum up more interest and engagement with your content by focusing on something unusual in your subject line. 

A top property campaign for the year with a huge 70% open rate was so successful because it did exactly that. The subject line: Killarra Tennis Court Estate – Just Listed [property address]* focused on one very specific feature of this agency’s new listing: The tennis court. Rather than focusing on the number of beds and baths or the size of the living rooms, this subject line took one feature that we don’t commonly see in properties to create curiosity about the unique opportunity. 

*Property address removed from the subject line for privacy.

Insider Knowledge

iRealty clients also achieved high open rates by promising to deliver value that their audience couldn’t get anywhere else.

As agents, you have insights into the state of the local market that aren’t available to anyone else. Take advantage of this by offering your audience insider knowledge they can’t get anywhere else. Not only will this up your open rates and engagement, if you consistently offer relevant insider knowledge you’ll also keep unsubscribe rates low.

The subject line – Property Media Headlines vs. Real Time View achieved a 63.05% open rate by signalling that the content within would offer knowledge beyond the headlines. This immediately implies that by opening the newsletter, contacts will get information they can’t get anywhere else.

Property updates that signal a listing is off-market, never before seen, coming soon or a sneak peek also perform extremely well!

Priority Communication

Of course, the year has been filled with ups and downs, particularly wild weather extremes. Top agents and offices kept their clients updated with relevant information about these events and the impacts on them.

Much like the content of the emails themselves, top subject lines were clear and concise. Landlord Update | Queensland Floods achieved a 63.05% open rate.

High open rates are hugely important for emails like these ones – not for marketing or sales purposes – but to allow for clear and meaningful communication.

But wait there’s more…

We didn’t just look at the best subject lines of 2022! We’ve also uncovered the most popular content of the year, the best call-to-action graphics and the highest converting automation strategy sending from our system. Download the full guide today.

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